Top 25 Best Party Hostels Europe

One thing backpackers have in common is our shared love for partying. Who says we can’t be cultured and proud of our shot-taking abilities? Staying at any of the world’s best party hostels will take your trip to the next level – we’re talking on-site clubs, pub crawl carnage, rooftop raves, and epic pool parties. Europe has no equals when it comes to partying, and every single city has its own way of letting loose! Which is exactly why we’ve created this epic list of the top 25 best party hostels in Europe. From the infamous techno clubs of Berlin and the insane party spirit in Budapest to the countless pubs of London and the nightclub capital of the world, Ibiza – Europe’s party scene is nothing short of legendary.

We’ve scoured the continent to bring you the coolest party hostels that combine an incredible party atmosphere with well-maintained facilities and excellent reviews. With the help of this list, you’ll know exactly where to get your delicious dose of debauchery while traveling in Europe, all while enjoying style and comfort.

Welcome the most amazing and adventurous experience with open arms! Planning your trip to Europe means embarking on a journey through a continent brimming with culture, positivity, adorable villages, incredible national parks, rich history, tasty delicacies, and friendly, hospitable people. And of course, let’s not forget about the best party hostels in Europe – a must-visit destination on your travel bucket list.

Whether you’re looking for a short exploratory tour or an adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in deeply-rooted traditions, the European continent offers the perfect spots to indulge all of your senses. And if you’re seeking days filled with positive experiences and utmost fun, booking your stay in some of the best party hostels in Europe is the way to go.

So get ready to unleash your inner party animal and join us as we explore the top 25 best party hostels in Europe, taking your European adventure to a whole new level. This guide is an extension of our handwritten guide to the best hostels in Europe, ensuring you have all the information you need to make your trip truly epic. Let the party begin!

Quick Answer: The Best Party Hostels in Europe

Best Party Hostel in Europe – Flying Pig Downtown

Best Party Hostel in Barcelona – Kabul Party Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Lisbon – Gspot Party Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Madrid – Cats Party Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Ibiza – Amistat Island Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Budapest – Retox Party Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Prague – The Madhouse Prague

Best Party Hostel in Lagos – Rising Cock Party

Best Party Hostel in London – Generator Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Paris – The 3 Ducks Hostel

Hostel Ranking Europe Table:

RankHostelLocationHostel Highlights
#1Flying Pig DowntownAmsterdam, Netherlands– Outdoor Terrace
– DJ Nights
– Bar
– Events
– Parties
– Prime location
#2Kabul Party HostelBarcelona, Spain– Rooftop terrace
– Happy Hour
– Bar
– Prime Location
– Free Breakfast
– Daily Pub Crawl
– Party Games
#3Rising Cock Party HostelLagos, Portugal– Free Pub Crawls
– Outdoor Terrace
– Booze Cruises
– Free Food
– Drinking Games
– Beach Parties
#4Cats Hostel MadridMadrid, Spain– Daily Pub Crawls
– Walking Tours
– Bar
– Tapas Tour
– Karaoke Nights
– Hangover Recovery Room
#5Amistat Island HostelIbiza, Spain– Cinema Room
– Clun Shuttle Bus
– Free Bicycles
– Swimming Pool
– DJ Nights
– Yoga Classes
– Sunset Snorkel
– Family Dinners
– Bar
#6The Madhouse PraguePrague, Czech Republic– Daily Activities
– Games
– Family Dinners
– Bar Crawls
– Drinking Games
#7The Pink PalaceCorfu, Greece– Four Bars
– Beach Bar
– Nightclub
– Free Breakfast
– Free Dinner
– Swimming Pool
#8Grandio Party HostelBudapest, Hungary– Nightly activities
– Bar and restaurant
– Prime Location
– Massive courtyard
#9The Hive Party HostelBudapest, Hungary– Boat parties
– Bingo bar crawl
– Pub crawl
– Beer bike
– Drinking games
– DJ nights
– Live music
– Spa parties
– Nightclub
#10Hostel One CamdenLondon, UK– Bar
– Happy Hour
– Free Dinners
– Bar Crawls
– Drinking Games
– Cool Hangout
#11Podstel BucharestBucharest, Romania– Mingling Events
– Live Music
– Games Nights
– Family Meals
– Bar and Garden
– Stage
#12Greg & Tom Party HostelKrakow, Poland– Pre-Drinking
– Pub Crawls
– Club Crawls
– No Curfew
– Free Tours
– Drinking Games
#13The BulldogAmsterdam, Netherlands– Daily Boat Tours
– Drinks Deals
– Walking Tours
– Party Tips
#14Oki Doki Old Town HostelWarsaw, Poland– Happy Hour
– Pub Crawls
– Smoking Room
– Guitars
– Bar
#15Hostel One Notting HillLondon, UK– Family Vibes
– Iconic Location
– Free Dinners
#16ClinkNOORDAmsterdam, Netherlands– ZincBAR
– Happy Hour
– Live Music
– Bar Crawls
– Games
– Cool Common Areas
#17Oasis Backpackers HostelSeville, Spain– Rooftop Pool
– Restaurant
– Terrace Bar
– Pub Crawl
– Happy Hour
– Paella Dining Party
#18Alessandro Downtown Hostel & BarRome, Italy– Beer Pong
– Tournament Every Sunday
– Daily Happy Hour
– Pasta Party
– Night Out Party
– Cool Common Area
#19Villa Saint Exupery Beach HostelNice, France– Beer Pong
– Bar
– Happy Hour
– Live Music
– Bar Crawls
– Guided Walking
#20Purple Nest Hostel ValenciaValencia, Spain– PlayStation
– Pub Crawl
– Walking Tour
– BBQ (2 Drinks Included)
– Rooftop Terrace
– Bar
#21Wild Elephants HostelBratislava, Slovakia– Pub Crawl
– Daily Events
– Family Dinner Every Day
– Shots, Shots, Shots!
– Foosball
– Games
#22Copenhagen Downtown HostelCopenhagen, Denmark– DJ All Night Long
– Bar Games
– Daily Walking Tours
– BBQs
– Happy Hours
– “Party Lounge”
– Bar open till 5AM
#23Balmers HostelInterlaken– Outdoor Terrace
– DJ Nights
– Bar
– Prime Location
– Hot tub
– Buzzing Bar
#24Hostel and Rooms AnaDubrovnik, Croatia– Prime Location
– Drinks Deals
– Drinking Games
– Cosy Lounge
– Group Trips
#25Wombats City HostelMunich– Pool Tables
– Big Bar
– Walking Tours
– Events
– Rooftop Terrace

Top 10 Europe Party Hostels

#1. Flying Pig Downtown, Amsterdam

This lively party hostel situated in the heart of Amsterdam is exclusively reserved for those who embrace the vibrant essence of this pleasure-seeking city. It exudes a youthful and sociable atmosphere, where backpackers from all corners of the globe come together to share drinks at the bar before things take a lively turn. The hostel’s amiable and adventurous staff host regular DJ nights, live music performances, and extravagant themed parties. True to Amsterdam’s spirit, it even features a designated smoking room. The Flying Pig hostel boasts an unrivaled location for nightlife enthusiasts, as it is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Centraal Station and a mere 10 minutes away from the infamous bars and clubs of the Red Light District.

#2. Kabul Party Hostel, Barcelona

In case you’re not already aware, the Kabul Party Hostel holds an exceptional reputation when it comes to parties – they’re truly legendary. Let’s start by discussing their remarkable rooftop area. Picture a spacious, sun-drenched terrace that overlooks Placa Reial, where you can enjoy live DJ sets, engaging drinking games, and a bar offering the best happy hours in town. As you make your way downstairs, you’ll find pre-clubbing gatherings where travelers congregate around foosball and pool tables, getting acquainted with each other before the real night begins. If you’re traveling alone, you absolutely must join their nightly pub crawls, which are famous for involving plentiful amounts of affordable drinks and stumbling back at sunrise. Fortunately, the hostel provides an impressive complimentary breakfast to help combat any potential hangovers in the morning.

#3. Rising Cock Party Hostel, Lagos

This lively hostel is humorously named The Rising Cock, giving a nod to the playful and vibrant atmosphere that awaits you. It’s all about partying, drinking, mingling with new acquaintances, and embracing a carefree spirit. The hostel is owned by two Portuguese-American brothers who genuinely prioritize their guests’ enjoyment and ensure a memorable experience. Exciting adventures await, including a funky booze cruise, and there’s a sister hostel nearby exclusively for female guests. Additionally, the hostel actively participates in environmental programs, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Countless guests have enthusiastically praised this establishment as the ultimate party hostel in Lagos, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

#4. Cats Party Hostel, Madrid

Direct your attention to the photograph above; rest assured, it is not staged. This scene is a regular occurrence at this lively establishment. Behold, a magnificent sangria fountain, where everyone merrily indulges with straws. If this doesn’t embody the essence of the ultimate party hostel in Madrid for you, well, we might not know you at all. This hostel proudly declares itself as a “very social” haven, and we wholeheartedly agree. Each night is filled with an array of diverse activities, alongside other thrilling seasonal events. The staff members possess an innate talent for bringing everyone together in the bar, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie. And fear not, for those in need of respite from a hangover, there is a designated quiet room available—truly amazing. Without a doubt, this ranks among our cherished backpacker hostels in all of Europe.

#5. Amistat Island Hostel, Ibiza

This particular hostel in Ibiza holds the distinction of not only being one of the finest budget accommodations but also the ultimate party hostel on the island. It’s a rare opportunity to experience affordable partying on the renowned White Isle, and we wholeheartedly embrace it! Featuring a fantastic pool, a lively bar, and DJs spinning tunes, this hostel embodies the holy trinity for any discerning Ibiza partygoer. The atmosphere is nothing short of incredible, with an abundance of social events designed to encourage mingling and a plethora of other enjoyable activities. We highly recommend this hostel for solo travelers embarking on an Ibiza adventure.

#6. The Madhouse, Prague

The Madhouse is renowned throughout Europe as one of the top party hostels, and its reputation precedes it. As soon as you arrive, you’re warmly embraced by an inclusive and sociable environment that immediately makes you feel like part of a big family. The incredible staff plays a significant role in fostering this atmosphere by involving every guest in various activities. They kick things off with daily excursions to nearby beer gardens, creating opportunities for guests to bond. Following that, the hostel hosts communal dinners each night, further strengthening the sense of camaraderie. And of course, there’s the classic game of beer pong, bringing everyone together and setting the stage for the exhilarating nightly bar crawls. By the end of the night, you’ll feel as if you’ve known your new party companions for a lifetime.

#7. The Pink Palace, Corfu

Make your way to Agios Gordios Bay in Corfu, and you’ll discover The Pink Palace nestled right on the beach. This unforgettable party hostel ranks among the finest destinations to unleash your inhibitions. Guests are treated to an exhilarating ocean exploration through the Palace’s renowned booze cruise boat trip, which entails a day of indulging in beer bongs and island hopping across the mesmerizing turquoise waters – pure bliss! If you still have the energy upon your return, immerse yourself in the festivities of one of the Palace’s famously wild toga parties, held in their private nightclub, the Palladium. These events are complete with ouzo circles, plate smashing, and beer races. There’s no better way to recover from the excitement than by spending the day lounging in the pool or hot tub with your newfound friends, all while enjoying a refreshing cocktail during the happy hour, of course!

#8. Grandio Party Hostel, Budapest

When it comes to the ultimate party hostel in Budapest, Grandio undeniably claims a top spot. Their motto, “sleeping is overrated,” sets the tone perfectly! Each night brings forth a unique celebration, ranging from all-you-can-drink party boats and costume parties to lively pub crawls and entertaining open mic nights. The hostel boasts a spacious courtyard with an incredibly affordable bar, fully stocked with all your favorite festive beverages. The atmosphere can shift from a relaxed afternoon drink to an all-out extravaganza, ensuring you’re always in for a delightful surprise. Whether you kickstart the party here or revel throughout the entire night (and into the next morning), the experience promises endless excitement. To make things even better, the accommodations at Grandio are exceptionally budget-friendly, leaving you with more funds to spend on drinks!

#9. The Hive Party Hostel, Budapest

The Hive has surely caught your attention as one of the most renowned party hostels in Budapest! Equipped with its very own on-site ruin bar and rooftop bar, the party is right within its walls. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere alongside fellow hostel bees through a range of daily activities, including adventure caving, indulgent thermal spa days, exhilarating party boat rides, and exciting pub crawls. The hostel bunks are not only spacious but also exude a stylish charm, making it even harder to rise in the morning after dancing the night away at The Hive’s nightclub. If that’s not enough, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Budapest’s finest bars, with the iconic ruin bar, Szimpla Kert, just a 5-minute walk away. Should you require a substantial meal to recover from last night’s escapades, the hostel’s restaurant is ready to prepare a feast for you. Waste no time and make a beeline to The Hive for an unforgettable experience!

#10. Hostel One Camden, London

Hostel One Camden, a delightful, pleasant, and welcoming establishment, is led by an exceptional team of local Londoners. Notably, it stands as the premier party hostel in the vibrant city of London. The atmosphere here is relaxed, yet the fun is ceaseless. Housed within a charmingly refurbished old pub, the hostel features a beautifully crafted bar on the ground floor, which doubles as the venue for delightful family dinners. This top party hostel in Europe always has a plethora of events taking place. However, it is truly the staff who elevate the experience to new heights, taking guests out to explore the vibrant nightlife just steps away from the doorstep. Ultimately, this London backpackers hostel is run by backpackers, for backpackers, embodying the true spirit of the community.


In conclusion, our exploration of the top 25 best party hostels in Europe has revealed a vibrant and diverse party scene across the continent. From the buzzing streets of Amsterdam to the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza, Europe offers an unrivaled playground for party enthusiasts. These hostels go above and beyond in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to unforgettable celebrations. With their lively bars, exciting events, and welcoming staff, they provide the perfect backdrop for travelers to connect, make lifelong memories, and let loose. Whether it’s dancing the night away at legendary nightclubs, joining epic pub crawls, or experiencing unique themed parties, each hostel offers its own distinct flavor of revelry. They cater to all tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone, whether you’re a solo traveler seeking new friends or a group looking to make the most of your time together. What sets these hostels apart is not just their ability to throw epic parties, but also their commitment to creating a sense of community. They bring people from all walks of life together, fostering friendships and cultural exchange. It’s not just about the wild nights, but also the shared stories, laughter, and camaraderie that make these experiences truly unforgettable. As you embark on your European adventure, keep this list of top party hostels in mind.

Whether you’re seeking a non-stop party or simply a lively social atmosphere, these hostels are the perfect gateway to an incredible nightlife scene. Get ready to immerse yourself in the energetic spirit of Europe and create memories that will last a lifetime!