Fortuna, Costa Rica Hostel


Jun - Sep


Hostel Description

Nestled within the picturesque confines of La Fortuna, the hostel welcomes travelers seeking a serene and cozy retreat. The hostel boasts an enviable location, inviting guests to bask in the tranquility of the surroundings. The gentle babble of a nearby river and the enchanting presence of diverse avian species add to the allure of this haven. Occasionally, the delightful appearance of sloth bears graces the premises, adding an element of wonder to the experience. The hostel’s spacious rooms provide ample comfort, while the expansive kitchen encourages culinary explorations, granting guests the freedom to craft a variety of dishes. Beyond the accommodations, the hostel offers a wealth of amenities, including invaluable information on local tours, readily available for booking on-site. 

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Position Description

Looking for artists who can contribute to mural creation. Volunteers are expected to contribute 25 hours per week. Your free time can be taken before or after your daily shift. You’ll enjoy 2 full days off, subject to change. You can choose morning, afternoon, or mixed shifts based on the area’s needs. Schedule details will be provided in advance and can be adjusted with notice. Your commitment won’t exceed 25 hours or 5 days a week. Daily tasks will be clearly outlined for clarity.

**Artists must have experience in order to create life in common areas through art. That they work as a team to be able to carry out the designs together. That means, that the volunteer will not be able to make the design that he wants, if not the one already established by the administration. You can suggest improvements or new ideas, but always with the same theme

Tasks Required





Working Hours

5 hours per day 

5 days a week (2 days off)


Bed in shared team room 


Minimum stay : 1 week

Maximum stay: 2 weeks

Dates available: Jun – Sep

Languages Required

Intermediate Spanish or Intermediate English